Re-fillable Easter Egg Ideas

Image result for Clip art easter eggs

Coins – children will love putting them in their money box

Play coins/money

Purse/wallet/pouch for the coins

Mini eggs

Kinder eggs (then you get chocolate and a toy)

Seeds – cress is a good quick growing project you could do together. Or pumpkins – ready for Halloween!

Fun flannel

Small rubber duck

Magnets – either fridge magnets or a toy magnet (we put number magnets in ours)


Magic egg – grow your own chick/dinosaur – put the egg in water and watch it hatch!

Small bouncy ball (or I found some bouncy eggs in our local discount shop)

‘Magic socks’ – add water and see them grow

Finger puppets – make your own!

Healthy-ish treat – we love the yoghurt covered strawberries that Aldi sell

Balloons – what child doesn’t love a balloon? – blow it up and let it go to watch it whizz around the room. Or keeo it blown up for lots more fun.

Small soldier with parachute

Glitter tube

Small pack or crayons or chalk

Mini pots of paint

Small notebook

Token for a bigger present e.g. a book

Token for a treat e.g. trip out to soft play/beach/park/attraction

Colouring – print out some colouring in designs – Easter related – bunnys/chicks/eggs and fold them up into the eggs

Eraser – my kids love being able to wipe their drawings away e.g chalk drawings/bath crayons etc

Small dinosaur/farm animal

Easter chicks

Temporary tattoos

Ingredients to make Easter nest cakes – different ingredients in each egg


Felt – cut out several different Easter themed felt shapes and put a few inside each egg, give them a felt board at the end of the egg hunt and they can make their own fuzzy felt Easter scene





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