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Review – Morrck Travel Blanket



I wasn’t aware of this amazing blanket when I had my first son, and was given one as a gift when I had my second son. I wish I’d known about it earlier, it’s been soo useful and we’ve had soo much use out of it!

It’s been much publicised how you shouldn’t put a baby in a car seat all wrapped up in their winter coats etc as this can prevent the seat belt straps from being tightened adequately. This blanket gives a great alternative and ensures baby is snuggly and warm whilst travelling. You put the blanket in first. The blanket has velcro openings which you can pull the car seat straps through. You then put baby in the car seat, belt baby in and wrap the blanket over the top of the straps.

My ‘baby’ is 15 months old and I still use this blanket with him – not in his car seat anymore (although I still could) – but in his buggy (as thats where he normally naps). It’s exactly the same principle in the buggy – you pull the buggy straps through the velcro opening, put baby/toddler in, fasten the seat belt then wrap them up.

The other advantage of this blanket is that if they are poorly or have a poop explosion the car seat is usually saved (and lets face it – car seat covers are a pain to remove and wash) – you can just whip the blanket off and pop it in the wash,



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