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Review – Ozbozz My First Scooter


We purchased this scooter for our son’s 2nd birthday and I’d highly recommend it. It’s a very stable scooter which is easy for him to manoeuvre. It is excellent value for money and grows with your child. The idea is that you start with all four wheels, then once your child is confident using the scooter you can take it down to three wheels then to two wheels.

My son is now 3 and a half and is using it very adeptly and speedily with just the two wheels (and he was so happy/proud when it went from 4 wheels to 3, then again when we took it down to 2 wheels).

Several of his friends had other scooters for their first scooter which they didn’t get on with so well/found difficult to use/needed lots of help/support from their parents. Yet, when they tried this scooter they were off!

The downside to this scooter is that it is difficult to fold up (we don’t bother with this as we find it too difficult). Also, the wheels aren’t great for going ‘off road’ or over gravelly pavements – actually, this was fine when we had all 4 wheels on but is now difficult with just the 2 wheels.


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