Garden Wildlife Area


I decided I’d like to set up a nature area in our garden to help teach my boys all about the world around them – specifically how to enjoy nature and care for it.

I got this idea for a ‘mini pond’ from the RSPB (https://ww2.rspb.org.uk/makeahomeforwildlife/givenatureahomeinyourgarden/gardenactivities/createaminipond/) and decided that this would be the starting point for our nature area.

It cost less than £15 to make – I bought the used Belfast sink on ebay for £10 and some pondweed and a pond plant for less than £5 at our local garden centre. Our sink didn’t have a plug so we used a milk bottle top to cover the plug hole and secured it in with silicon glue. We had some old bricks that we propped the sink on, and we got some logs from our in-laws to make our ‘ladder’ for the wildlife to be able to access the pond. Inside the pond we placed some gravel from our garden path and then a few bigger stones from around the garden to make a ‘ladder’ inside the pond to enable any wildlife to get out of it. We then filled with water from our water butt.

My 3 year old really enjoyed helping to make our pond – especially arranging the logs and stones to give access to wildlife.

We made the pond late last summer and didn’t see any wildlife in it over the autumn/winter. However, now spring has arrived we raided the grandparents pond for frogspawn and now have tadpoles happily swimming around our pond along with lots of other small insects which we are yet to identify!

Next steps – we have been given a couple of bug/insect hotels which we plan to mount on the fence near the pond. I’m also collecting old bird nesting boxes which I hope that the boys will be able to help transform into bug hotels. I’d also like to do this project that I found on Pinterest by dukesandduchesses (http://dukesandduchesses.com/how-to-make-a-terracotta-pot-table/) to make into a birdbath. And of course, watching the tadpoles turning into frogs!

If you have a nature area in your garden, I’d love to hear about it and the things that you have done to encourage wildlife into your garden….


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