Digger Birthday Cake, 3rd Birthday


This is the cake I made my son for his 3rd birthday after getting ideas off of Pinterest. For his second birthday I laboured over a tractor cake. This year I saw this one and thought it looked effective but much easier to make! He loved it too!

I used my mum’s recipe for chocolate fudge cake and made 3 layers – the bottom layer stayed complete, I roughly carved a crescent off the second layer and again carved a bigger crescent off the top layer. I held the layers together with a chocolate fudge icing.

Prior to icing the cake it looked terrible and I started to doubt if I’d done the right thing. However, when I iced it and sprinkled some of the offcuts of cake down over the front it started to take shape.

I thought the smarties would make it look more colourful and ‘celebration-ish’. I used kinder chocolate (a couple packets of kinder mini’s) around the edge to look like blocks (originally I’d planned to used mini dairy milks but I couldn’t find any – I think they’d have looked more like bricks, but I think the children enjoyed the kinder chocolate more!).

Finally I topped the cake off with one of my sons toy diggers and a candle. I also put a toy bulldozer beside it, clearing a way through some more chocolate blocks. I’m just wondering how many birthdays I can use this cake design for!

Pinterest Inspiration:




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