Pinecone Bird Feeders


Friday was a rainy day here so I decided that it would be a good day to try making the pinecone bird feeders that I’ve seen on Pinterest (http://www.freebiefindingmom.com/easy-fall-crafts-using-pine-cones/#comment-173571 and http://gardentherapy.ca/pinecone-bird-feeders/).

I thought that it looked like a great wildlife/craft activity to do with my two boys (1 year old and 3 year old). In theory it is – they were both able to spread the peanut butter on to the pine cones (my 1 year old needed a little help with this) and to either sprinkle some bird seeds onto the covered pine cone or to dip the peanut butter covered pine cone into the box of seeds.

The reality of the activity was quite different! My youngest is a food monster so just kept trying to eat the peanut butter – trying to lick it off the (blunt plastic) knife/scoop handfuls into his mouth….while trying to ‘guide’ him in the activity and prevent the spread of peanut butter all over the floor I looked up to see my eldest copying his younger brother and licking the peanut butter!

Eventually (!) we managed to save some of the peanut butter for the birds and my eldest sprinkled the seeds onto his pinecone and my youngest dunked his pinecone into the box of seeds.

We hung them up on a couple different trees in our garden (which we can see from our dining table) and so far have seen a greater spotted woodpecker enjoying his tasty treat!

This is an easy activity to do, you just need:

Pine cones


Peanut butter


Somewhere to hang them

Tie some string around the top of a pine cone, leaving a length of string to tie the other around a tree/birdfeeder/fence post etc. Cover the pine cone in peanut butter. Next either sprinkle birdseed onto the pine cone or dip the pine cone into a container of bird seed. Finally hang the pine cone up outdoors and wait for the birds to find it!


PS – please don’t think of this as just a winter project – birds love to be given food all year round!)


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